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Family life can get busy, stressful, and just plain hard. We forget what life is all about…in short we miss out on adventure. If you want to reclaim the adventure in your family’s life, the Leave to Find Podcast is for you!

Life Gets Busy

Life gets busy as a family. We live life, but don’t live adventure. We’ve started a life, but are we really living it?

Planning Is A Struggle

Maybe it feels like planning adventures is just too big of a task. You struggle to plan adventures for your family. Something inside you is saying, “I want to do more!” but you don’t know how to start.


You Want More

Maybe you are sick of seeing everyone else living life and want your own inspiration. Or you just want to know your options.

Often all of this makes you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and just plain unhappy.

We’re here to say, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, we’re going to share our failure and fun, adventures and misadventures, to inspire you to find more adventure with us.




This podcast will give you inspiration through stories, family issues, and lessons learned.


This podcast gives you access to experts (and families ahead of us) who are living life in a way we aspire to live as well.



You get to hear our kids (and us) say some ridiculous things that are just plain entertaining.

Get inspired by our family’s life on the road, get ideas for your own family, and create passive income to fuel your own trips.

About us

We’re a family that was ready to leave our comfortable life to find something exciting. Join us in the journey! We’re Christina, Joe, Lucia, and Laken. We’re traveling the country and quarantining in nature instead of our home. Joe’s a podcaster and retired therapist. He’s writing a book with HarperCollins as the publisher. Christina is trained as an Occupational Therapist and is reluctantly in charge of the road schooling. She’s the heart of this adventure and it was her idea (for better or worse). Lucia is nine and loves to sing, do art, study weather and space. Laken is a reflective and silly kid that is still finding who she is outside of her sister’s shadow. Both girls have fierce independence that Joe and Christina try to foster, while not going absolutely crazy. We want you to be inspired to find your own path. We’re less your guide and more a co-learner. In our podcast, we’re going to share what’s working, what’s tough, when we feel like giving up, and when we’re excited about a new discovery. Honestly, we have no idea how this will turn out. We’d love to have you along for the trip!

Trust us, we’ve been there. For years Joe worked in a 40+ hour a week job, had a side gig, podcast, and missed the adventure life. Christina is an Occupational Therapist who specialized in outdoor recreation, turned stay-at-home mom. We’ve been there. But then something sparked inside of us during the pandemic of 2020, where we decided we wanted to leave to find something more.

Joe now has a top ranked podcast, is a HarperCollin author, and marketer. Christina has structured out the details of this trip with precision and detail. Together, we hope to give our family a deeper closeness, share what works, and teach you what we learn along the way.

Over 400 podcast interviews on Joe’s other show. Three Master’s degrees between Joe and Christina. Thousands of miles of travel ahead of us…what could go wrong?




As you start building more adventures, the first step is to start planning. Don’t take too long here, it’s easy to over plan. Start making arrangements for short or long-term adventures, build passive income, and dream as a family. Through our Family Adventure Course and Leave to Find Podcast, we’ll share all of our planning tips.


Go get outside, make memories, and see the world. The sooner you get moving, the faster you can see what you like, love, and hate.


Talking as a family about what worked, what didn’t, and dreaming about more adventures is part of the process. Instead of being “paralyzed by perfection” get moving. Discussion of emotions, experiences, and observations helps the family to get the most out of the adventure.

What’s holding you back?

How many more summers do you have as a family? How many more spring breaks will there be? You’ve got limited time, now is when you get a chance to make connections and memories that will fuel your relationships forever.

In our podcast and free course, we’ll be showing you what we have done on a budget. Whether it’s micro-adventures or going full-time on the road, we’ve discovered that you’d be surprised at how doable this is!

Yup, you sure will. Nothing says this has to be forever. You can always wonder what it would be like or take some action now!


Ready to get started and add more adventure to your family? In this course, you will hear all of our travel hacks, get clear guidance from us (and our expert friends), and learn about meet-ups we are hosting.

Get ideas for hidden adventures. Discover what not to do, as we share our failures. Get specific tips to plan your family’s epic adventures, even in a pandemic. Identify passive income strategies that will help you monetize your trips. First access to new things we launch.

You only have a handful of years to impact your kids, start your adventure now.

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